In Search of ActionScript 3 OpenType Font Embedding Techniques

I’m disappointed by the lack of OpenType support available in Flex. It appears that it is necessary to jump through some hoops to embed OpenType fonts with ActionScript 3. The documented method requires using Flex MXML. Some say it is possible. Others say no.

I found some pure ActionScript code to embed TrueType fonts, but, according to the comments on Font Embedding in AS3 : Lessons Learned, it sounds as if this may not work for Macs or with OpenType. Embedding system fonts may be the best way to avoid problems.

There are also some issues that can be avoided by using type embedded via SWF instead of OpenType, according to Katy Richard’s Flex and Fonts post on Things that Work.

Well, at least the search came up with a handy little ActionScript 3 RIA Reference Guide from Mike Chambers, and a nice example of a music sharing site: Grooveshark.


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