Flex 3 CSS Properties List

I’m a big fan of web standards, but not to the point that I believe that XHTML/CSS and ActionScript are mutually exclusive. JavaScript had fallen out of favour for a while, but it reincarnated itself as AJAX and Unobtrusive JavaScript. Adobe has set a new standard for an open source object oriented scripting language, ActionScript with the release of the Flex 3 SDK. I’m interested to see how Flex can be integrated with CSS. The Flex 3 CSS Properties List may be a good place to start.

Using Symphony as a platform for XML and XSLT based applications, I’d like to experiment with importing XML data with ActionScript to create galleries, to chart data and to develop other applications that can enhance the user experience beyond the confines of the W3C recommendations. I like organizations that help us push the boundaries of what is possible by developing open standards. A good dose of healthy competition in the area of standards may be what is necessary to overcome a lack of direction and movement in further developing existing standards. As a designer, I depend on Adobe PostScript, OpenType Collection and Creative Suite. I welcome Adobe’s entrance into the arena of open source software development.


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