Getting Started with ActionScript 3.0

A good place to begin is at the beginning. Adobe’s ActionScript 3.0 Overview provides a good starting point, describing how ActionScript has developed, what has changed, where to go from here.

For my purposes, that is, learning ActionScript 3.0, to develop my understanding of object oriented programming and to become more familiar with an ECMAScript-based language, which I can later extend to JavaScript for working with AJAX and DOM Scripting, all I need is a text editor and the open source Flex SDK.

I picked up a copy of Colin Moock’s Essential ActionScript 3.0 and have completed a broad overview of object oriented programming in the context of the ActionScript 3.0 language. Now, I would like to go a little deeper into developing a basic interface for working with these concepts. The new view-based search engine, Viewzi, demonstrates creative uses for using Flash to aggregate data from various sources into engaging interfaces, allowing search to become much more than a wall of text with links to information of often dubious relevance. One of the most interesting interfaces for me is the Album View. I’d like to find out how to create a gallery of images, such as this, that uses a liquid layout which can reconfigure itself when the browser window is resized or when the image sizes are scaled.

Where to Start

I will need references beyond Colin Moock’s introduction to the concepts needed to program in ActionScript. Adobe is the first logical source for more information.

For more specific information, I’ll see if Google can help me out. I’ll need some good resources on liquid layouts, easing in animation, and sliders.

Other Resources

Good Examples of Liquid Layouts

I am particularly inspired by these examples of liquid, full screen layouts:

Model View Controller (MVC) Design Patterns

ActionScript Frameworks

ActionScript Applications


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