Blogging is apparently not my thing

It has taken me two years to get back to this blog. It really is not a huge priority to keep writing about whatever is on my mind. But I would like to keep track of all the things that I am trying to learn. It always feels like I’m merely scratching the surface. It’s like chasing the wind.

My next project? Talk about chasing the wind. I’m toying with the idea of recreating Symphony in Perl. I spend most of my time developing solutions to web development problems using the tools available in the web standards toolbox: XHTML, CSS, XSLT. I work with open source scripting languages and tools. I’m going to make my process, erratic as it is, open as well.

I don’t tend to work with WordPress much, but this allows me the ability to write without worrying about the structure of the site, the design, etc. I can just write and switch my theme as I please. I just applied the Hemingway theme today, and I’ll see how I like it.


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